All of the multimedia group projects on this site are the work of new graduate students at the USC Annenberg School of Journalism. The projects were created during the four-week long 2015 Summer Digital News Immersion, a school-wide graduate bootcamp encompassing all the students in the masters of science (M.S.) program, the specialized journalism in the arts program and the specialized journalism - news program.

Within this diverse group, the level of journalism experience ranged from 30 years (in broadcasting) to no experience with any form of journalism. The goal of the Immersion is to "level up" all our students and provide them with the bedrock skills, concepts and tools they need to excel during the Fall and Spring semesters at the Journalism School.

The group projects are the Immersion’s "final exam." Student teams (made up of every degree type) spent about a week and half researching and reporting their stories (while still taking classes). They then had a four-day production period to polish and complete the projects by the last day of the Summer Immersion.

When you look at these group projects keep in mind that, while each student brought something unique to the process, before they began most had never shot & edited video, collected & edited audio, or done any kind of coding or digital interactive elements. They came so far in four weeks and produced the wonderful stories on this site.


Vince Gonzales
Keith Plocek
Miki Turner
Les Dunseith
Robert Hernandez
Barbara Pierce
Amara Aguilar
Peggy Bustamante
Lisa Pecot-Hebert
Larry Pryor
David Medzerian
Erna Smith
John Cyrus Smith
Ryan Thornburg