Diverse stories from a diverse city

From art to the drought, the stories of living in Southern California with old, new or no money runs deep. Explore the other multimedia stories below

A sketch of the Los Angeles art scene

Art is leaving Los Angeles, and art is coming into Los Angeles. Money is taking great works of art out of circulation and out of sight of the public eye. At the same time, those with no money are bringing new types of art into the public eye. > Read more

Bridging the water gap

The drought affects Angelenos' lives as well as businesses. New ones spring up, others decline. At the same time, new businesses of water saving help people to fight against the drought with new technologies. Angelenos become unified in the battle against the drought. > Read more

Fines and loathing in LA

Real estate is king, but the city's smallest spaces are among the hottest commodities. Parking fines alone brought in more than $160 million, making up over 2 percent of the city’s budget. But like a regressive flat tax, Angelenos don’t all feel the pain equally. > Read more